President & CEO
Jivon Louison, hospitality and customer care specialist is the President & CEO of The Louison BPO and has worked in the customer service industry for many years. Mr.Louison worked for many top businesses across Grenada and is an accomplished customer service expert. He brings to the company strong capabilities in contract negotiation, project management, telemarketing, and a unique combination of skills. Being a customer service expert Mr. Louison decided to utilize his expertise, passion and drive to help clients experience exceptional service at each and every encounter and to provide local opportunity and growth by supporting these clients in the most effective and efficient way.

One of his life goals is to be a great example to those he manage and passionately enjoy his chosen profession while maintaining an excellent balance between home and work.

Note from CEO There are many things I consider crucial in running a business however I believe quality customer service is paramount and vital to the success of any business. Expressing the importance of customer service fosters a customer centric environment as satisfied customers can return to your business and refer others.…